November 27, 2023

Services and Resources

E-Learning for Medicare Advantage

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The strong desire to learn is a common trait of most physicians. Our online webinars and courses allow you to learn at your own pace and gain the knowledge for success.  Courses are starting soon.  Click here for more information.

Job Search Resources

Learn skills that will increase your chances to succeed and reach your career goals. Avoid common pitfalls in choosing or switching career paths.  Coach JPMD has a list of resource links for creating resumes, joining professional associations and sites, searching recruiters, and more.

Personal Finance

Wiser decisions are made when your personal finances are in order. Click here for invaluable tips that will change your financial future.  Coach JPMD has partnered with highly effective financial coaches and advisors. Learn how our financial team members can confidentially guide you through the best practices in paying off your student loans, saving for retirement, and budgeting like most successful millionaires do.  Meet Sonja Palomino here.  She helped me and I know she can help you.

Managed Care Executive Coaching

Understanding the Medicare managed care industry is crucial to practicing cost effective medicine. Become an industry leader by gaining skills in a highly competitive and rewarding market. Learn more here.


Listen and subscribe to the popular business of medicine podcast geared to helping you understand the ins and outs of thriving in medical practices. Check out www.practiceimpossible.com/episodes