May 7, 2016

Meet Sonja Palomino – Financial Coach with In Joy Consulting


Finally… Discover how to lift the financial weight of the world off of your shoulders and create a financial foundation that gets your life back.

(Without needing to be good with numbers)

My passion began with my own family. It has now grown to over 9,000+ consultations that are based on results.

“You are in the right place if you wonder…”

  • “Where does all my money go at the end of the month?”
  • “Why can’t I seem to figure this money stuff out?”
  • “Why do I work so hard and have nothing to show for it?”
  • “What’s wrong with me?  I am educated though my finances are a mess.”

Yes, I can relate. For me, the downward spiral started in the pit of my stomach. I had a feeling of being overwhelmed. I honestly did not know up from down. The sheer panic of being stuck without knowing my way out lead me to procrastinate which looped me back to feeling overwhelmed again.  Throw in a big handful of perfectionism and this is the vicious cycle that kept me trapped.

Now we are on the other side of that.  Years ago, we almost lost everything, and now we are debt free, including our home. We did not win the lottery, we did not receive an inheritance, we did not even initially increase our income.

We actually moved ahead much faster with $70K LESS income coming in.  This transformation seems like it should have not happened to us, yet it DID!  I would love to show you how.

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