Knowing the Differences Between Medicare Plans Matter

I recently had a conversation with my nurse practitioner and she asked me what was the difference between United Medicare, Medicare and Medicare HMOs (Capitation)?  My initial reaction was shock, then disbelief, and finally disappointment. Disappointed not in my nurse practitioner but in myself.  Here I am caring for a large Medicare population of patients and I failed to properly educate a key employee about the most important aspect of our revenue stream.

I am sure that I am not alone, but this was easily corrected with a brief conversation about things that I already knew and wrote about. I created a free report that lists key differences between Medicare and Medicare HMO payment plans that can be downloaded below. Most physicians in the United States care for patients with Medicare fee for service and this accounts for 70% of the Medicare population.  Knowing the differences between health plans will help you make better decisions about what plans to accept and what patient populations to manage.

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