Doctoritis is a preventable condition characterized by the superfluous spending by physicians or other healthcare practitioners that have gone through rigorous and time-consuming training.  It is unclear how many providers are affected by the condition but we do know that those affected have numerous ailments ranging from the increase in stress, poor decision-making capabilities, destructive
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Best Practices in the Business of Healthcare

We as physicians often forget the importance of following best practices in our personal lives.  We are highly trained and often very bright students that have always excelled in class.  How is it then that once we graduate residency programs we veer from the path of best practices in our personal and professional lives? We
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The Millionaire Next Door

Recommended Reading for Physicians #1

“The Millionaire Next Door” by Thomas Stanley, Ph.D. & William Danko, Ph.D. Although this book was written in 1996, the guiding principles still hold true today. Many articles and books have been writing that chronicle the habits and characteristics of successful individuals.  Having a net worth of $1 million seems like a figure that should
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