August 5, 2021

Why a Coach?

As a physician or other healthcare provider, you probably played a sport  when you were younger or played chess like my ten-year-old son does.  We saw potential in our son’s chess game and mom hired a chess coach to improve his performance particularly before tournaments.  If you played a sport competitively it is likely that you had additional coaching sessions on top of your regular practices to hone in on the skills that made you better.

This should be no different in the practice of medicine and patient care.  Executive leadership coaching is becoming the standard of care in many Fortune 500 companies C-level executives.  Physicians should be no different in the need for building on the strengths that they possess.  After researching the coaching industry, I discovered that highly successful leaders often have several mentors and coaches that helped them identify weaknesses in themselves and fine tune strengths.  Many times the only person that gives feedback to physicians are patients and that is not sufficient in developing leadership skills.

So why a coach?

Well, if you want to excel in your career and acquire the skills necessary to practice the most effective medicine and care management then this will require guidance from experienced professionals.  You can learn to shoot a jump shot or juggle a soccer ball on your own but would it not be easier if you had help along the way?

Even if a coach is not an option for you at this time, having a mentor with a bit more experience than you can also help you prevent burnout.

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