May 7, 2023

PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE™ Podcast Show Notes – Season 2

PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE™ Podcast Show Notes – Season 2

Episode 005

2.005 Local Chiropractor’s Secrets to Success – Aaron Dixon, DC

Welcome back for another episode of the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE! Today, we have a special guest joining us, Aaron Dixon, DC, who is not only a Tampa Bay Rays Chiropractor, but also has an incredible story to share. In this episode, we dive deep into Aaron’s journey and explore how he transitioned from serving in the military forces to pursuing a career in chiropractic medicine. His unique path is both inspiring and captivating, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on hearing about it!


Tampa Back Pain Relief Chiropractic

Episode 004

What do Patients Want from Their Care Providers – Learn from Zach Elliot’s Concierge Medical Experience

In this episode, Coach JPMD has a conversation with Zach J. Elliot.  Zach is a pastor, husband, father, author, and Jesus follower who helps us understand the reasons why he thinks it’s possible for concierge medical practices could transform the future of healthcare. Coach JPMD also dives into how personality types or temperaments can enhance certain medical specialties. Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave a review for us.

Zach wanted to disclaim that although he was gifted the opportunity to be part of a concierge medical practice, he wholeheartedly believes that there is true value in this model of care. 

***Any information in this interview is only for informational purposes and should not be used in place of an actual doctor’s visit or medical treatment from your healthcare provider.

Zach Elliot’s website Vu Vivo

Zach Elliot’s Book Now I See

The Master His Emissary

Myers Briggs Personality Type 

Pamela Wible, MD


National Suicide Prevention Line

1-800-273-8255 (TALK)

Episode 003

How You Can Help Save the US Healthcare Systems – Direct Primary Care Lessons from Lee Gross, MD

In this episode, Coach JPMD interviews one of America’s pioneers in Direct Primary Care and advocate for healthcare reform, Lee S. Gross, MD.  Dr. Gross describes his journey from practicing fee for service medicine to running a membership based practice where he does not accept insurance.  His knowledge and expertise has also led his organization to save a local rural hospital and believes this is one of the keys to healing our broken healthcare system. You will not want to miss this episode as they discuss his passion and gift for simplifying complex systems.

Average Annual Expenditure of all Consumer Units in the US –  2021

Lee S Gross, MD website

Docs 4 Patient Care website

Episode 002

A Local Pharmacist’s Journey – A Conversation with Gautam Thakkar, PharmD

Coach JPMD begins season 2 with a conversation about pharmacies. Gautam Thakkar, PharmD is the founder of Pinebrook Pharmacy in Spring Hill, Florida. He joins me at our studio to discuss his journey from India to the United States and how he is successfully running multiple pharmacy locations in a tough market. You will learn the ins and outs of how pharmacies make money in addition to learning some personal things about Gautam in our rapid fire round.

The 2023 Economic Report on U.S. Pharmacies And Pharmacy Benefit Managers

7 Habits of Effective People 

Episode 001

Coach JPMD is bringing something new to you in Season 2 of the PRACTICE: IMPOSSIBLE podcast. Physicians are stressed and often feel like they are not practicing medicine the way they envisioned. Hospital corporations, governmental agencies, and large businesses are making it difficult for physicians and other healthcare providers to manage their patient populations freely. Coach JPMD wants to ensure that physicians have a voice and know how to run their offices and manage their patients. Many healthcare providers are seeing the light and are shifting to independent medical practices. If you are a healthcare provider and want to feel empowered to better your patients’ lives and improve your own personal well-being, then this podcast is for you. How can we help you deliver patient care your way? The one thing Coach JPMD can do is to share conversations with successful physicians, business owners, and thought leaders who are not tied to an agenda of increasing profit and personal gain of an institution. In season 2 of this podcast, we will be bringing you video podcasts of inspiring, educational, and insightful conversations so that you can practice impossible. Don’t forget to share and follow us on your favorite podcast platform.

Video Link to My Why Episode

Episode 000

How Your Money Flows in the Medicare Advantage World – Money Tree Series

In this episode, Coach JPMD discusses how physicians can better understand how revenue is generated. He discusses the inspiration for his new Money Tree Series and how this understanding might better prepare you as physicians to ultimately increase profits and to accelerate growth.

At the root of it all, he details three things that providers should know about Center of Medicare Services (CMS) and how revenue to providers of care is generated, how its monies are distributed to the insurance companies, and what can drive an increase in CMS funding. You will not want to miss the beginning of this financial mind blow!

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